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Open Positions

Currently, we do not have any openings. Please check back at a later date.


Why I Joined

“Rezolute’s mission and core values make it a perfect working place for me as I can fulfill my passion in making positive change in patients lives with my knowledge and experiences.”

Sharon (Pre-Clinical)


Why I Joined

“Rezolute offers the opportunity to work with a team of dedicated and passionate individuals to bring life changing therapies to patients in need.”

Amanda K (CMC)


Why I Joined

“Working at Rezolute, I get to work with people who are open and adaptive, but more importantly, whose thoughts and actions are driven by the needs of the patient.”

Loredie L (Clinical)


Why I Joined

“It’s been amazing to be a part of a team that has shown it’s resilience through times of global uncertainties, with a cohesive focus always on improving the lives of patients through innovative treatments.”

Russell S (Finance)


Why I Joined

“Rezolute embodies the true meaning of teamwork. With the focus on integrity, the company shines. Truly honored to work with such an open and transparent team.”

Kenny M (Quality)


Why I Joined

“I joined Rezolute because of its resilient team and dynamic drug pipeline. I remain continually impressed by the relentless individuals I collaborate with daily, and the speed in which data is processed and thoughtful decisions are made.”

Michael B (CMC)