Working With Patients, Families, and Medical Professionals to Provide Hope for Life Without Hypoglycemia

We are dedicated to supporting those impacted by frequent hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) related to hyperinsulinism. As we advance RZ358 through clinical studies, we regularly interact with patient advocacy organizations around the world to support research and disease awareness. Our interaction with the community is a frequent reminder of the serious unmet patient need and the importance of developing therapies such as RZ358.

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Hyperinsulinism (the effects of excessive elevations in the hormone insulin) is defined by hypoglycemia (low blood glucose), putting those affected at risk for brain damage and even death due to severely low blood sugar. When the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas are working normally , the daily control of insulin secretion is highly regulated to prevent hypoglycemia. Too much insulin can result in hypoglycemia and lead to congenital hyperinsulinism (HI) and other conditions such as post-gastric bypass hypoglycemia (PGBH) and certain insulinomas.

Congenital Hyperinsulinism

Congenital Hyperinsulinism

Post-Gastric Bypass Hypoglycemia

Post-Gastric Bypass Hypoglycemia




As the Head of Scientific and Patient Affairs, Dr. Davelyn Eaves Hood brings a unique perspective to understanding the needs of patients, caregivers and medical professionals. As a physician as well as the mother of a child who was born with congenital HI, Davelyn has an understanding of the challenges, frustration and emotional strain of managing a difficult and life-threatening disease. Davelyn has dedicated her career to improving the lives of patients and their families and she spent nine years as President of the Board of Directors for the patient advocacy group, Congenital Hyperinsulinism International. Davelyn was also the Principal Investigator of the Congenital Hyperinsulinism International HI Global Registry, a patient-driven natural history registry, where she worked alongside key HI community stakeholders of advocates, patients and clinicians to design and launch the program. Underpinning the breadth of experience she brings to her role, she is a board-certified family physician and has worked in a variety of practice, healthcare administration and payer settings.

Connect With Us

Whether you have been diagnosed with a condition that leads to frequent hypoglycemia due to elevated insulin levels or you are a representative of a patient advocacy organization for these conditions, we look forward to connecting with you about our RZ358 program.

Patient Organizations

The organizations below—all founded by parents of children with congenital HI—help connect patients and families living with congenital HI to education, research, clinical care, support services, and the broader congenital HI community. These are just a few of the organizations with whom Rezolute collaborates to inform our daily work.

Corporate Sponsorship Available

Are you a non-profit patient advocacy group looking for sponsorship or financial assistance for important patient-facing programs? Click here for inquiries on Rezolute’s corporate sponsorship program.

Expanded Access / Compassionate Use

Compassionate Use, also referred to as an Expanded Access Program, is designed to make an investigational medical product available as early as possible to patients without therapeutic options, because they have exhausted or are not a good candidate for approved therapies and cannot enter a clinical trial. Rezolute is committed to providing RZ358 to patients who have seen benefit in our clinical studies. We are actively working to implement an Expanded Access Program for those with serious or life-threatening conditions associated with elevated insulin levels causing frequent low blood sugar levels who lack other therapeutic options.

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